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We are busy. Busy doing instead of being. We forget to take a moment to breathe. Stretch. Get in touch with what our body is whispering. At The Breathe Bar, we want to assist you with that. Help you connect to life-giving breath and revitalize this thing called a body.

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The BB hours

Tues: 10-5pm
Wed: 10-8pm

Thurs: 10-8pm
Fri: 10-8pm
Sat: 10-3pm

*The Bar may be open but class time varies based on the instructor. Please check the calendar for scheduled classes.

If we don't have any classes scheduled The Bar may be closed.

...a realm of inhaling good vibes and exhaling all that no longer serves you.
Grab a mat or a pillow and prepare to breathe in life, love and healing.
We are honored that you’ve decided to visit us.  Explore. Feel the pull. Join us.

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